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Laser engraving collection code
2022-09-23 13:29:36 technical college

QR code plays a huge role in life, especially in the way consumers prefer to pay. Alipay and wechat collection codes can be found in any shop, big or small, even in rural small shops. Along with the coverage of the collection code, there are some illegal elements who tear up or directly cover the QR code of the store and replace it with their own QR code, causing the store to suffer losses.
Laser engraving collection code, more comfortable for collection and entry!
Paper receipt codes do have risks, causing headaches for businesses. Hanting Laser tells you a good way, which is to use the money collection code carved by laser. Use laser technology to mark two-dimensional code on bamboo and wood materials. The effect is the same as that of paper. As long as the graphics are designed in the computer software, the laser engraving machine will carve according to the designed path. The carved QR code collection code is accessible for mobile phone scanning, and the payment is easy to make. The lawless elements no longer have a chance to take advantage of it, and the merchants will be more secure when they arrive at the account.
The laser engraving machine is non-contact processing, which will not cause damage and extrusion to bamboo and wood materials; High carving accuracy, fast speed, and smooth and flat carved surface; High recognition. The unique and novel collection code of laser engraving can enhance the store image, impress customers and play a certain role in publicity.
Still using paper QR code to collect money? Change to laser engraving! Laser engraving can not be torn or covered, so it is more reassuring to collect money! New design trend, brand influence more competitive.

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