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The filter laser cutting machine
2022-08-24 11:34:12 technical college

Optical filter is an optical device used to select the required radiation band. With the rapid development of science and technology, its application is becoming more and more popular. In life, there are also filters everywhere. For example, there are antireflection filters on myopia mirrors for correcting vision, and high reflection filters on automobile mirrors. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of 3C electronics industry and automobile industry has driven the increase in the demand for optical filters. The requirements for the filter are becoming higher and higher. The laser technology with small heat affected area and low energy consumption is gradually introduced into the production of optical filters, gradually replacing the traditional processing methods.
The filter laser cutting machine is a non-contact cutting method, without stress effect, ensuring that the surface is free of mechanical scratch, the heat affected area is extremely small, and the accuracy can reach micron level, which is particularly suitable for fine processing of materials.
Filter laser cutting machine, filter cutting "just needed" equipment
Advantages of filter laser cutting:
1. The heat affected area is small, the thermal damage is small, and there is no edge collapse
2. It is suitable for cutting various complex and abnormal shapes. It only needs to be imported into the computer. It has computer control equipment to operate, and the operation is simple
3. The cutting edge is smooth and flat without burr, with high accuracy.
4. The equipment is applicable to a wide range of materials, such as K7, K9, B270 and other coated and non coated optical glass filters, sapphire substrate, silicon substrate, germanium substrate, borosilicate glass substrate, coated and non coated window / filter, ceramic sheet, metal substrate and other materials
5. Various functions, including cutting, drilling, scoring, dicing, grooving, material removal and other functions
Comparison of traditional physical and mechanical cutting:
laser cutting 
Physical mechanical cutting
High processing accuracy, up to micron level
Large damage size and low accuracy
The edge is smooth and flat without stress
It is prone to edge collapse and mouth collapse, and the surface is prone to stress damage and scratch
No other expenses
Additional expenses such as clamps required in the later period

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