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2022-08-24 11:27:23 technical college

Another year's National Day is coming, and the five-star red flag will be flying in the corners of the city. Every major festival, all kinds of flags, such as knife flag, color flag, water drop flag, feather flag, etc., are always essential. This is also a busy time for many flag manufacturers. How to improve the quality and increase the output has become a concern of more and more manufacturers. Today, I will mainly introduce the application of laser cutting technology in the production of flags.
Traditional cutting methods mainly include: manual cutting, knife cutting machinery, laser cutting, etc. manual cutting is limited, labor efficiency is low, and the flag cutting accuracy is poor and the error rate is high, so it is gradually eliminated. Knife cutting and laser cutting have become the two main cutting methods of flag cutting at present. I will analyze and compare their advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages and disadvantages
Laser cutting
1. The automatic edge sewing does not scatter the edge, and does not need the edge pressing process, saving the process
2. Automatic accurate alignment, high cutting accuracy
3. The edge is smooth and smooth, and the effect is beautiful
4. High operation safety
1. It can only be cut in single layer, which is inefficient compared with multi-layer cutting
2. There will be less odor and smoke during cutting (it can be solved by configuring fans and purifiers)
Knife cutting process
1. Multi layer simultaneous cutting, high efficiency
2. Environmental protection, no harmful substances
1. Low cutting accuracy
2. High defective rate
3. It is easy to loose the edge and needs to be processed in the later stage

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