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Operation rules of laser cutting machine
2022-07-06 12:03:49 technical college

1、 Preparation before starting the laser cutting machine
1. Turn on the cold dryer and air compressor to discharge the water from the air compressor and air storage tank;
2.. Check the water level of the chiller. When the water level is too low, add distilled water in time;
3. Check the pressure of laser and cutting gas;
4. Check the cleanliness of the focus lens of the cutting machine, and clean up the dirt and dust in time.
2、 Startup procedures
1. Turn on the laser gas and the cutting gas (turn on the corresponding gas according to the cutting material; for example, liquid oxygen is used for carbon steel plate, and liquid nitrogen is used for stainless steel and aluminum plate).
2. Turn on the voltage stabilizer;
3. Turn on the main power supply of the cutting machine (turn the knob on the control cabinet to on), and the machine tool system starts to operate.
III matters needing attention
1. During the start-up of the machine tool, place the sheet metal to be cut on the cutting workbench in advance
2. Adjust the focus position and the concentricity of the beam and the optical axis according to the material specification and processing requirements;
3. Cutting first article inspection (Note: check whether the size of the workpiece is consistent with the drawing and whether the cutting surface of the workpiece is smooth and flat)
4. For all kinds of alarms, the operator should timely and truthfully record, and timely notify the equipment maintenance personnel;
5. During the operation of the equipment, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization, and it is strictly prohibited for any non operator to operate the panel;
6. The operator should always check the cutting nozzle and lens to ensure that they are in normal operation;
7. Operators must be familiar with the general knowledge of equipment safety and operate according to the regulations to ensure that all equipment safety facilities work normally. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button to ensure personal and equipment safety.
IV Shutdown stop
1. Close and exit all operation procedures;
2. Close the operation interface window;
3. When all systems have been turned off, turn off the main power supply of the machine tool and turn the knob to off;
4. Turn off the air compressor (discharge water from the air compressor and air storage tank); Then turn off the cold dryer;
5. Turn off the gas supply (Note: the laser gas can be turned off only after the machine tool stops);
6. Turn off the pressurizer.
V Work after shutdown
1. Clean the waste box of the machine tool and the blanking under the exchange workbench before the shift or off duty;
2. Place the cutting parts, surplus materials and waste materials of this shift neatly and orderly at the designated position;
3. Clean the main machine, workbench, chiller, dust collector, electric control cabinet and air compressor unit cover; Clean the sanitary environment around the machine tool.

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