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What is laser engraving machine used for?
2022-07-06 11:56:50 technical college

Laser engraving machine is not a very new technology and has not attracted public attention like 3D printer. However, they are very cool and much like 3D printers, and the price has collapsed to the price that enthusiasts can afford.
This brings us a very interesting question: what should you get? What can you do with it? Crucially, what should you do to ensure that you use them as safely as possible?
How to choose the right laser cutting machine or carving machine for you
Laser engraving machines and carving machines have various shapes and scales, and have many different price points. The most important is high-power, which is widely used in heavy industry. These are the essence of crops, containing some surprisingly strong lasers. Some are even used to process diamonds. But what really makes these laser cutting machines so valuable is that they can cut the thickest data consistently and have extremely high accuracy. Of course, it goes without saying that these are not affordable, even for the richest manufacturer space.
In the middle of the mall, things become more reasonable. There is a laser cutting machine for small enterprises, and there is a space for fans and makers with abundant funds. Prices range from $1000 to $5000. They are different from cheaper equipment in shopping malls. They have larger working space, and many equipment can cut A3 paper size data. They also have stronger lasers, which means they can cut thicker data faster.
But what if you don't have $1000 for laser cutting and starting? Fortunately, there are some cheap basic equipment, most of which cost only $60, up to $500. At the bottom of the scale, you may eventually get a device that can only carve in a small area, and can only cut paper or cardboard.
What can you do with laser cutting machine or carving machine?
As we commented before, laser cutting and carving machines are still niche projects. Because they are different from the configuration files of 3D printers, there are not many tutorials, guides and recipes on the Internet. If you are looking for ideas about making content, please continue to read.
Plant label
Buy a cheap laser engraving machine. Almost immediately, he put some wooden signs together and engraved them with plants, flowers and vegetables that occupied his distribution.
These are better than nailing a piece of paper to a lollipop stick. First, they are unlikely to blow away in strong winds because they are heavier. Because the signs are not written in ink, they will not work when it rains, because it will inevitably happen in England.
Custom iPhone case
Many people want their iPhone to reflect their personality. To this end, they use a variety of common cases and backgrounds to customize. But if you really want to personalize your iPhone, you can give it a watch case engraved with your own plan.
Do not advocate direct carving of mobile phones; Etching glass and metal with consumer grade kits may be difficult, and your phone is expensive. You do not want to bear any unnecessary danger that may damage your equipment. However, you can buy Blank iPhone cases online, not so many. If you want a beautiful organic topcoat, you can buy a wooden one. Wood is one of the materials with very good etching effect, but if you choose to go down this road, please make sure you choose a wooden box that is neither greasy nor resin.
Safe use of laser cutting machine
Before you start using laser cutting, you must remember a simple reality: when used improperly, they will cause great damage, or at least damage valuable equipment. However, if you take some simple precautions, you can significantly reduce any risk.
First of all, it should be noted that whenever the laser engraving machine is used, there is a great possibility of fire. After all, you basically choose an extremely strong energy beam and apply it to flammable materials (wood, most commonly, although polystyrene foam is very prone to fire). Therefore, you should always carry a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher with you.
Very similar to 3D printing, you must also be careful of the cut data. If you cut PVC (or any type of vinyl), you will inadvertently release chlorine. This will mix with water in the air to produce hydrochloric acid, which is bad for people and machines. As a general rule, you should always use the laser engraving machine in a well ventilated space. If you have a window, you should always keep it open.
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