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Application of laser cutting machine in glasses industry
2022-07-06 11:52:42 technical college

It is understood that the number of glasses stores in China at this stage is now close to 70000, and the number of relevant retail companies is as high as more than 10000. The total turnover of the industry is as high as tens of billions of yuan, which shows how fierce the market competition in the domestic glasses industry is. It is precisely because of the increasingly fierce market competition that many manufacturers need to reduce their production costs, improve the production process of products, and provide more products that meet personalized requirements. The application of laser cutting machine in the industry has comprehensively solved several problems of manufacturers
In the past, the traditional processing method of glasses was to use molds to make frames. In this way, manufacturers are required to make a mold for each style, with low power and high production cost. Later, domestic laser cutting machines were widely popularized, and many newly developed templates were displayed on computer software, with high processing accuracy and speed. A laser cutting machine can quickly produce several styles of eyeglass frames, which solves the problem of personalized customization, and is very suitable for the processing needs of eyeglass manufacturers.
In addition, the laser cutting machine can design arbitrary graphics on the plate, which can be processed at one time without subsequent processing, which is more than ten times faster than the traditional processing speed. Laser cutting machine processing can be closely connected without wasting data. High quality processing has also helped optical manufacturers improve the power of new product research and development, giving customers more choices and allowing optical manufacturers to quickly recover their costs.

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