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The laser cutting machine is moving towards high power
2022-07-06 11:48:26 technical college

In recent years, laser technology plays an increasingly important role in industrial production. With the advancement of the transformation of China's manufacturing industry to high-end and intelligent, the traditional processing technology has been difficult to meet the requirements of shopping malls for higher power and higher precision. With its advantages of high power, less consumables, small material deformation and strong adaptability to processing targets, laser technology has made continuous progress in all links of industrial production, and has become an indispensable important processing tool in high-end production.
Current situation of laser cut shopping malls
In many industrial applications, laser cut shopping malls occupy the most important proportion. With the spread of fiber lasers and the addition of medium and thick plate processing needs, high-power laser cutting machines with significant advantages have gradually become a new favorite in shopping malls. Compared with medium and small power laser cutting machines, high-power laser cutting machines with the same thickness of plates have higher power. In addition, with the significant progress of power, the cutting process has also undergone revolutionary upgrading, which not only ensures the cutting power, but also greatly reduces the processing cost of users, but also solves the long-standing problems such as "unstable production of thick carbon steel plates".
Despite the rapid development of high-power laser applications in China, the stability of functional components has become an obstacle to the development of ultra-high power laser cutting equipment. The addition of adaptive power at the cutting end is far lower than that of lasers and laser cutting machines.
The main components of laser cutting machine are nozzle, focusing lens and focusing system. Nozzle is the most commonly used consumable part in optical fiber laser cutting machine tool, which mainly includes parallel type, convergent type and cone type. The cutting quality is closely related to the form and size of nozzle.
The focusing lens is the core component of the cutting head. Only when the original beam emitted by the laser is concentrated through the lens can a high-energy density spot be formed. With the increasing demand for high-power lasers in shopping malls, there is a restrictive relationship between the focal depth of traditional lenses and focal spots. Adding focal depth will inevitably lead to the expansion of focal spot size. In many cases, it cannot meet the requirements of laser processing, and the long focal depth and high-resolution convergent lens has become a new market demand. The focal length and focus orientation of the focusing lens have an impact on the quality of laser cutting. Short focal length lens is suitable for cutting thin materials at high speed, and long focal length lens is suitable for cutting thick workpieces.
The laser cutting machine gathering and tracking system is generally composed of gathering and cutting head and tracking sensor system. In the process of laser cutting machine processing, it can prevent plate collision and uneven cutting, quickly process graphics and reduce the defective rate of products. At present, there are mainly two forms of tracking system. The first is capacitive sensor tracking system, also known as non touch tracking system; The second is inductive sensor tracking system, also known as touch tracking system.
At present, the domestic high-power cutting head shopping malls are dominated by prezzt. Most laser cutting machines above 10000 watts are equipped with prezzt cutting heads. In such a situation, major equipment manufacturers have also increased the research and development investment of the cutting head for the stability of their high-power laser equipment and achieved certain results.

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