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CO2 CO2 laser cutting machine
2022-07-06 11:45:07 technical college

CO2 CO2 laser cutting machine can mark on metal and process leather, wood, paper and other different materials.
Leather laser cutting machine
Laser cutting leather makes the product have complex lines and full of sense of design. At the same time, due to the high precision of laser cutting and clean cutting section, it also gives the product an overall delicate texture. When laser cutting leather, it can well avoid the penetration problem easily caused by general cutting technology, and reduce the problem probability as low as possible while cutting leather efficiently.
Laser cutting of wood
In addition to leather, laser cutting can be applied to cloth, acrylic, wood, rubber and other materials. The following lampshades are made of laser cutting wood. Laser cutting wood creates an excellent accuracy, produces an elegant and exquisite amazing effect, and the lines are clear, tidy, and the retro shape is unique.
Paper laser cutting
Laser cutting can make the paper have more complex patterns and abandon the four-dimensional shape. Whether it is cutting the skyline of New York City or creating a three-dimensional dream forest, as long as the laser cutting machine is used, the desired effect can be achieved. Even in complex and fine paper works, it can be quickly obtained through the current laser cutting machine.
Compared with the traditional cutting technology, the laser cutting machine has no mechanical stress, and the effect, precision and cutting speed of the cut products are more superior. Computer design graphics can cut lace of any shape, pattern and size. High efficiency and low cost are the great advantages of laser compared with traditional processing forms.

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