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Summary of common faults of laser marking machine
2022-07-06 11:40:16 technical college

1、 No laser output or weak laser
1. Whether the focusing focal length of the device changes: readjust the focal length,
2. Whether the focusing lens is polluted: clean the focusing lens,
3. Whether the light path is offset: carefully adjust the light path,
4. Whether the reflector is polluted: clean the reflector,
5. Whether the cooling water circulates and dredges the cooling water circuit,
6. Whether the cooling water quality or water temperature is normal: replace the clean cooling water to make its temperature reach the normal value,
7. Whether the laser power supply is powered on: check the power supply circuit of the laser power supply to make it normal,
8. Whether the laser tube is damaged or aging: replace the laser tube,
9. Whether the laser power supply is damaged: replace the laser power supply,
10. Whether the temperature of the whole machine is too high: shut down the machine to reduce the temperature; Ventilation strengthens the heat dissipation of the machine; Adjust the ambient temperature.
2、 Error or misoperation of machining dimension
1. Whether the signal line is normal: replace the signal line,
2. Whether the grounding of the whole machine and the computer is normal: replace or deal with the computer,
3. Whether the computer operates normally: replace or handle the computer,
4. Computer operating system failure or virus infection: reinstall the operating system or antivirus,
5. The application software is normal: reinstall the software and the drive software of the motion control card,
6. Unstable power supply or interference signal: install voltage stabilizer or eliminate interference signal,
7. Whether the preparation of processing program is normal: check the prepared processing program and modify it until it is normal.

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