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What are the environmental requirements when installing the laser cutting machine
2022-06-30 10:30:13 technical college

Environmental factors are also an important factor in the practical application of laser cutting machine. However, the environment is also a factor that is particularly easy to be ignored by customers. Here are the requirements for the installation environment of the laser cutting machine:
1. ambient temperature and humidity requirements.
The equipment shall be kept dry and well ventilated during operation, and the ambient temperature shall be between +4 ℃ and +33 ℃. The customer is recommended to provide constant temperature and humidity environment for the equipment. When the equipment is shut down, the ambient temperature at the installation site shall not be lower than +4 ℃. Note: avoid thermal deformation caused by single side or single side air inlet (for example, when installed at window level, louvers can be installed to avoid the above situation).
2. outdoor air.
To ensure the cutting quality, there must be no particles or substances around the machine that can absorb the 1.064 micron wave band. Vapors containing solvents, e.g. released when painting, or vapors from degreasing devices.
3. cooling system control.
It is completed by closing the air circulation inside the control system box, which can ensure that each electrical component will not be polluted by dust and dirt to the greatest extent. The indoor humidity is too high, which is unfavorable to the operation of the control system, and may cause corrosion of the contactor contact, which is easy to cause control system failure.
4. vibration requirements.
In order to maintain the best work quality, please ensure that there are no external factors around the equipment. Under the action of external forces, the equipment operation is affected by forklifts, land transporters, etc; Directly install or disassemble other machinery near the equipment; A machine that causes vibration near the equipment, such as punching, bending, shearing, etc.

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