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What are the requirements for a good glass carving machine
2022-06-28 14:50:06 technical college

Glass engraving machine is one of many engraving machine products. With the increasing variety of glass engraving machines in the market, you should be careful when choosing glass engraving machines. You can't choose them at will, which will only cause you unnecessary economic losses. How to choose the glass carving machine that meets your own requirements? Let's listen to the suggestions of the glass carving machine manufacturer. Some technicians will give us a brief introduction.
The selection requirements of high-quality glass carving machine are as follows:
1. quality of the machine
When we choose a glass engraving machine, we must first look at the quality. Only when the quality is good can we make a good glass engraving machine. The quality of the machine needs to be tested by ourselves, and can also be judged according to the reputation of the manufacturer and the evaluation of users.
2: Machine price
How much is the glass carving machine? This is also one of the main factors for us to choose better quality. After all, all buyers want to buy products with high cost performance and reliable quality. When choosing glass carving machines, we must make more comparisons and choose products that are suitable for us.
3: Other factors
The main factors that we choose the glass carving machine are: the size, output and appearance of the glass carving machine.
What are the materials suitable for carving machine processing? The non-metallic materials suitable for carving include plexiglass, resin, wood, etc., the non-metallic materials not suitable for carving include natural marble, etc., the metal materials suitable for carving include copper, aluminum and mild steel with hardness lower than hrc40, and the metal materials not suitable for carving include quenched steel, etc.

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