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How to choose the right laser engraving machine
2022-06-28 14:48:32 technical college

There are many brands of engraving machines in the market. I have my own opinions on the procurement scheme of engraving machines. How to choose a suitable engraving machine? Not all engraving machines can meet all the needs of customers. The following points should be considered when selecting engraving machines:
Adapt to the development of the industry, adapt to the current situation of the company, meet the needs of the company's customers, and meet their own processing characteristics and development direction; Different enterprises should choose different carving machines.
Ultra stable and optimal cold setting performance: the working time of the equipment cannot guarantee that there is no ultra stable and optimal cold setting performance, nor can it reflect the advantages of mass production; The super stability mainly depends on the selection of components and the performance of electrical components. Whether the engraving machine manufacturer adopts imported components and whether it has the ability of independent research and development becomes the key.
Sustainable upgrading: convenient updating of engraving machine is another demand for large-scale production; Carving opportunities that cannot be upgraded continuously allow you to continuously invest large funds; Whether engraving machine manufacturers can continue to upgrade depends on whether they have comprehensive R & D capabilities.
Diversification requires the engraving machine to have the following functions: Sustainable upgrading; Engraving machine needs to be upgraded according to the development needs of customers; Whether the engraving machine manufacturer has comprehensive R & D capability has become the key; Whether the engraving machine manufacturer has a professional series of engraving machine research and development has also become the key.
Engraving companies need to select engraving machines of different sizes and specifications according to the strength and processing characteristics of the company, so as to meet their own processing characteristics and meet the development status of the company.
All the above factors need to be verified, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the machine and manufacturers, make repeated attempts on the machine, and understand the differences and advantages of each manufacturer.

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