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Problems that cannot be ignored in metal laser engraving machine
2022-06-28 14:47:23 technical college

In many cases, the main shaft of the metal engraving machine is cooled by water. However, if the temperature is too low, the main shaft and circulating water pipe of the metal engraving machine are very easy to freeze, which leads to the destruction of the main shaft. Here, I want to talk about more than the problem of the main shaft. In order to make it easier for people in the industry to apply the metal engraving machine, the metal engraving machine should not be ignored:
1. if the engraving knife of the metal engraving machine deviates, even ordinary engraving will have a large deviation. Very serious deviation. Therefore, in our actual production process, we can touch it by hand for more than 1-2 seconds, not more than 60 degrees; We can only touch it with our hands, about 70-80 degrees; If a few drops of water are dropped and vaporized rapidly, the temperature will exceed 90 ℃, that is, copper damage and iron damage will be reduced.
2. in this case, we can also choose antifreeze to replace water. If conditions permit, we'd better choose air-cooled spindle instead of water-cooled spindle when purchasing metal engraving machine. Of course, the guide rail and rack of the metal engraving machine should be cleaned and maintained frequently, and the wires should be checked for aging or breakage to avoid leakage.
3. at present, many customers use asynchronous AC motor driven by frequency converter to realize metal engraving machine. Small power vector free frequency converter has small volume and high cost performance. It is mainly used in metal engraving machine system with spindle power lower than 3.7KW. The copper damage and iron damage of the metal engraving machine will be displayed in the form of heating, which will affect the efficiency of the motor. Stepper motors generally pursue positioning accuracy and torque output.
4. in some processing processes, heavy metal engraving machines are different from ordinary light metal engraving machines, not only because their bearing capacity is stronger than light machinery, but also because they have higher engraving efficiency in rack transmission. In this case, the efficiency of our metal engraving machine is relatively low, the current is generally large, the harmonic component is high, and the frequency of current exchange also changes with the change of speed. Therefore, the stepping motor is generally in a heating state, which is more serious than the ordinary AC motor.

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