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Characteristics of metal laser engraving machine
2022-06-28 14:45:58 technical college

We can compare the characteristics of round rail and square rail to decide whether the round rail or square rail is better for the metal engraving machine. The characteristics of the round rail metal engraving machine are high bearing capacity but general accuracy.
Square rail metal engraving machine, square rail metal engraving machine, also known as linear guide, has high positioning accuracy and good reproducibility. The rolling motion mode of linear guide has a very small friction coefficient, and the gap between static friction and dynamic friction is very small. Even in the process of micro input, there will be no idling and slipping, so it can be realized μ M level positioning accuracy. It has low friction resistance and can maintain the accuracy for a long time. It can bear high load capacity in four directions. The best geometric mechanical structure design can bear radial, anti radial and horizontal loads at the same time, and can maintain the walking accuracy. At the same time, it can easily improve the performance and load capacity through preloading and the number of sliding blocks. It is suitable for high-speed applications with low friction resistance. It has low requirements for equipment driving horsepower and great energy-saving effect. In particular, it has small motion wear and low temperature rise effect. It can realize the requirements of mechanical miniaturization and high-speed at the same time.
It is not difficult to see from the above characteristics that the performance of the square rail metal engraving machine is better than the circular rail, but the circular rail is relatively cheap, short production cycle and easy to install. If it is not high hardness metal, such as metal engraving stainless steel, the metal engraving machine with circular track can also be considered.

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