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Precautions for use of laser engraving machine
2022-06-28 14:43:44 technical college

1. check whether the pliers or clamps selected by the engraving machine are used improperly? At the same time, the abrasion of the engraving machine pliers or clamps will also cause the dislocation of the engraving parts. If the pliers or clamps are too tight, the moment when the cutter head contacts the engraving parts will also cause the engraving parts to pop up.
2. for those sculptures with irregular shapes, the surface seems to be firmly fixed, and they will shake back and forth under pressure. At this time, try to put some waste under the object to increase the friction. The other is the packaging of the stored items. Although the objects are irregular, the packaging they carry may be very regular and easy to fix. It is easy to fix irregular objects with small belts, or try to fix conventional parts with tools and discard irregular parts.
3. if the downward pressure of the object carved by the engraving machine is large, it is necessary to consider whether to use a conical nose. If the diamond pressure on the carving machine is too high during carving, the pressure on the side of the tool will cause the movement of the carving object. If the drill is used incorrectly, it will also cause the same problem. A 90 degree or 100 degree drill will penetrate into the material and move the material during carving.
4. it is helpful to select some engraving materials fixed by rubber caps or rubber tubes, because engraving machines are generally equipped with multi-functional pliers or clamps, and they are all made of iron, which is easy to cause damage or sliding of engraving materials during the engraving process.
5. when carving plastic patterns, the engraving machine can stick the transfer tape on the back of the object to be carved, spray the liquid glue on the side of the tape, and then stick it on the disposable surface, so as to avoid the hard to clean surface left by the double-sided tape. Because the conveyor belt is easy to peel off and clean, it is easy to move or replace the plate at will with a special engraving tape.

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