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How to choose a good laser engraving machine
2022-06-28 14:42:33 technical college

Select the appropriate laser tube output power: according to the different carving materials and contents, select the appropriate laser tube power, such as acrylic acid and hibiscus plate carving, which does not require a large laser tube output power. However, wood carving, marble carving and laser cutting of all materials may require a large laser tube output power, and only half the effort can get twice the result.
After sales maintenance service items: the length of after-sales maintenance service items of mechanical equipment is often crucial, but we often fall into the wrong knowledge points. We always think that domestic equipment is fast and convenient because they are produced domestically, but we do not know that high-quality channel machines and equipment are not easy to damage, so they do not need frequent maintenance. On the contrary, poor quality equipment needs special attention because they are often damaged.
Laser engraving machines are selected according to production and processing: laser engraving machines can be used in different ways. Most of them are special machines, and some have various functions. They must be selected according to important requirements.
Precision selection of laser engraving machine: the precision of laser engraving machine is very different from that of traditional engraving machine equipment and manual engraving, with high precision,
Select the appropriate equipment range according to the commodity specifications to be produced and processed: that is, select the range and size of the laser engraving machine. However, it should be noted that the range of large-scale equipment is not necessarily good, and the laser output uniformity of some poor quality machines and equipment on a large area is not disordered, resulting in different engraving products on the table surface of the unified cabinet, Therefore, it is accurate to select the appropriate range.

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