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What industries and product materials are laser engraving machines used in
2022-06-14 16:15:42 technical college

Laser engraving machine has gradually come into our life. In order to improve the anti-counterfeiting degree, laser engraving machine has been used; Laser engraving machine is used to identify the batch of each product; In order to reassure consumers, users use a laser engraving machine. Laser engraving machines have entered all walks of life. Are there any clear regulations on the use of materials for laser engraving machines?
If you know something about laser engraving machines, you will know that laser engraving machines are divided into three categories: optical fiber, UV and CO2. Below, we will analyze laser engraving machines from three categories.
Optical fiber laser engraving machine: focus on metal and plastic. Secondly, it can remove the paint on the products, so that some products have transparent effect. Transparent products are widely used in smart door locks, auto parts, keyboards and mice. Of course, in terms of marking transparent keys, the end pump laser engraving machine is more skilled. In addition to metal and plastic, optical fiber laser engraving machine can also be used to mark gold, silver and other materials. Metal products with special needs need to use MOPA, such as aluminum oxide blackening, words and logo on the back cover of Apple mobile phone, etc.
Carbon dioxide CO2 laser engraving machine: known as metal external laser engraving machine, it mainly focuses on wood products, acrylic and leather. These three categories can be said to be non carbon dioxide and can not be marked, unless the optical fiber laser engraving machine can be used only by removing the paint on the product material.
UV laser engraving machine: it belongs to a more sophisticated marking laser equipment and can produce effects on materials with UV layer. It can be said that it is a laser engraving machine focusing on various plastic materials. Many users such as various wire rods, chargers and earphones choose UV laser engraving machines. Some users can also choose fiber laser engraving machines if they do not have high requirements for effects. The precision of UV laser engraving is higher than that of the other two models, so some products requiring high precision, such as high-end chips, need to use UV laser engraving machines. UV laser engraving machine can be used not only in plastic, but also in glass, porcelain and other materials.

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