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What factors will affect the processing efficiency of laser cutting machine
2022-06-10 14:31:18 technical college

As we all know, the laser cutting machine sends instructions from the computer to the machine tool to automatically carry out a series of cutting work. Therefore, its advantages of fast cutting speed and high cutting precision are unmatched by traditional cutting equipment. However, the types and structures of laser cutting machines are different, and the effects produced during processing will be different due to different laser equipment. In the cutting process of laser cutting machine, the main factors affecting the cutting quality performance include laser beam quality, laser power, cutting speed, workpiece thickness, material type and so on.
Important factors affecting the efficiency of laser cutting machine:
1. power of laser cutting machine: too large or too small laser power will directly affect the cutting quality. Too large power will lead to excessive melting of the cutting seam, and the cutting speed cannot keep up with or even penetrate the metal plate if the power is too small.
2. the unstable computer system leads to slow cutting: the CPU and hard disk of the equipment run for a long time, or the cutting control software is defective, showing defects or cutting errors, which will also delay the cutting consumption and affect the cutting quality.
3. the cutting process drawings and parameter settings are not saved: the previously used drawings and parameters are not saved in the computer. The operators of Hainan laser cutting machine can only rely on their experience and eye observation to operate the laser cutting machine manually, which can not achieve automatic perforation and automatic cutting. The efficiency of the laser cutting machine is naturally very low.
4. improper cutting method: in parameter setting, the cutting method used is too simple. Each part should be perforated and cut in good condition. No cutting methods such as common edge, borrowing edge and bridging are used. Low cutting efficiency

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