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How to set the engraving machine debugging parameters?
2022-06-06 10:53:38 technical college

How to set the engraving machine debugging parameters?
To debug the engraving machine, you need to modify the system parameters and manufacturer parameters according to the machine model. Here is a brief introduction
Specific meanings of these parameters:
Processing speed: the normal effective processing speed of the general engraving machine, which is the interpolation speed of the standard codes G01, G02, G03 and other processing instructions.
These two values control the speed when moving in the automatic mode. If the processing program in the automatic mode or the MDI instruction does not specify the speed, it will move at the speed set here.
Use default speed: whether to discard the speed specified in the machining program and use the system default speed set above.
Use default speed: indicates whether the system abandons the spindle speed specified in the machining program, and uses the system default speed set manually.
Speed adaptive optimization: whether the system is allowed to optimize the processing speed according to the connection characteristics of the processed workpiece.
Ijk incremental mode: whether the center point programming (ijk) is an incremental mode. The ijk value used in arc programming generated by some post-processing programs is an incremental value.
Use Z downward cutter speed: whether to use a specific speed for cutter dropping when moving vertically downward in Z direction.
Optimize the tool lifting speed in Z direction: whether to use G00 speed for tool lifting when moving vertically in Z direction.
The idle (G00) command uses a fixed feed rate of 100%: this parameter is an option. Indicates that when the system executes the idle command,
Whether to ignore the influence of feed rate. In this way, when the magnification is changed, the speed of empty range movement will not be affected.
Automatically stop the spindle at the time of pause or end (restart required): set whether to automatically stop the spindle rotation when a machining program is paused or finished.

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