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Principle and parameter analysis of laser engraver
2022-06-06 10:49:07 technical college

Many other industries will use engraving machines, but the old-fashioned engraving machines have gradually failed to keep up with the pace of the development of the times. Now the laser engraving machine has replaced the old-fashioned engraving machine, which has slowly penetrated into various industries and become the backbone of the development of the industry.
1、 Application principle of laser engraving machine
Laser engraving machine is a new type of laser data processing equipment under the new era and new technology. Its principle is the same as that of computer and printer printing on paper. A variety of graphics processing software such as CDR can be used in the computer to directly print vector graphics and texts into the engraving machine. The difference between laser engraving machine and printer is that the printer prints toner on paper according to the text content, while laser engraving is to print laser according to the pattern set by the computer Words and symbols are directly printed on Yake grain, metal plate or stone plate and other materials.
2、 Parameters needing attention in laser engraving machine engraving
The laser engraving machine needs to pay attention to a lot of parameter information in the working process. Through different adjustments of laser parameters, the machine can perform diversified engraving and cutting. Its parameters mainly include the following:
1. Lattice carving
Nowadays, the most popular engraving machines in the market are dot matrix engraving machines. The so-called dot matrix engraving is similar to dot matrix printing, but its definition is also very high. Generally, scanned graphics or text, or vectorized graphics and texts, can be engraved in this way. Each time the laser head shakes its head from left to right, a series of points will appear to form a line, and then the laser head will carve up and down to create more lines. From the overall layout, it is the image or text of the whole page.
2. Vector cutting
It is cut on the external outline of the picture and text. It is usually cut through the Yake grain, paper, wood and other materials in the advertising industry, and some are also used for marking on the surface of some materials.
3. The speed at which the laser head moves requires special attention
This is also called engraving speed. This speed can be adjusted by the panel of the engraving machine or by computer programs. Of course, the higher the speed, the higher the production speed and efficiency. This speed can also be used to control the depth and breadth of engraving. For some specific lasers, the slower the speed, the greater the cutting and engraving depth.
4. Engraving intensity
This is a sign of how strong the laser irradiates the material surface. Generally speaking, the greater the working intensity of the laser engraving machine, the greater the cutting and engraving depth. This adjustment method can be adjusted by the engraving machine panel or the computer print drive.
5. Size of the flare
The size of the light spot emitted by the laser engraving machine can be adjusted by using lenses with different focal lengths. For high-resolution engraving, the lens with small light spot is generally used. For lower resolution engraving, the lens with large light spot can be used. It is generally very suitable for appropriate cutting. When the spot size is at the middle size, it can be used in any situation.
Laser engraving machine is the most widely used equipment in the processing and production industries. It is closely related to various items in people's daily life, such as toys, bags, shoes, etc.

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