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Operation steps of laser engraving machine
2022-05-23 14:07:25 technical college

1. Turn on the main power switch of the machine tool. Turn on the machine control power (key switch). After the system self inspection is completed, each axis of the machine tool returns to the reference point.
2. Start the chiller and check the water temperature and water pressure (the normal water pressure is 5bar). Three minutes after the chiller is powered on, the compressor starts and the fan rotates to start refrigeration and cooling.
3. Start the air compressor and cold dryer.
4. When the chiller drops to the set temperature (set to 21 degrees), turn on the main power supply of the laser.
5. When the word "HV ready" appears on the laser panel, the high voltage is applied.
6. Confirm the material type, thickness and size before cutting.
7. Adjust the plate so that its edge is parallel to the x-axis and Y-axis of the machine tool to avoid the cutting head working outside the range of the plate.
8. Move the z-axis to the starting point of cutting, simulate the program to be executed, ensure that there is no alarm beyond the soft limit, enter the editing mode, and adjust the power, speed and drilling time according to the material type and thickness.
9. When the above items are normal, it can be switched to the execution state to cut the workpiece.
10. In case of slag hanging, slag returning or other abnormalities during cutting, it shall be suspended immediately to find out the causes, and then continue cutting after the problems are solved to avoid damaging the equipment.
11. After the work is completed, shut down in the following order: 1) disconnect the main power supply of the laser. 2) Turn off the chiller. 3) Disconnect the control power supply (key switch) of the machine tool and the main power switch of the machine. 4) Turn off the cold dryer. 5) Turn off the air compressor.

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