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What factors should be considered when purchasing laser engraving machine
2022-05-23 13:57:59 technical college

Choose laser engraving machine according to the product size to be processed
Choose the size of the laser engraving machine according to the products to be engraved, so that the laser equipment can be used for something. As we all know, the format and engraving frequency of the laser engraving machine may not only affect the engraving effect, but also affect the stability of the machine when the laser equipment is running. If the frequency is too fast and the power is too high, the equipment may shake, and the cutting is unstable, and the engraving may be different in depth. Therefore, when purchasing the laser engraving machine, we should make a plan based on the size of gagong products.
Choose laser engraving machine according to the material to be engraved
Not all materials are suitable for engraving with laser engraving machine. Similarly, the same engraving machine does not deliberately include all material processing. Laser engraving machine is mainly divided into YAG and CO2. Generally, CO2 is mainly used for engraving non-metallic products, while YAG is mainly used for engraving metal products. Generally, it is distinguished by such two categories of materials. At present, most of the common materials in the market are CO2 laser engraving machines. However, when purchasing, we still need to communicate with the merchant for confirmation.
Purchase laser engraving machine according to the power of laser tube
When choosing a laser engraving machine, choose the appropriate laser tube according to the different materials and contents of engraving. For example: when carving acrylic and two-color plates, it is OK to choose a laser tube with low power. However, when carving marble, in order to ensure the carving process, it is necessary to increase the laser carving power, so as to achieve the expected carving effect.
Choose laser engraving machine according to the products to be processed
In addition to materials, the so-called processed products also have the performance that the products need to achieve. In order to achieve certain performance, we need to consider more comprehensive factors. The general engraving machine takes into account the functions of engraving and cutting. The mixed cutting machine can cut metal and non-metal, and the optical fiber laser cutting machine can cut metal like mud. Therefore, this aspect can also be comprehensively considered when selecting laser equipment.
matters needing attention
When purchasing laser engraving machine, the above four points must be considered. Before purchasing laser equipment, buyers should clarify their needs and communicate with the manufacturer. I believe you will be able to find a suitable laser engraving machine.

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