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Laser Cutting Machines
How to prevent the cutting performance degradation of fiber laser cutting machines?
2023-08-04 11:34:01 technical college

With the development of laser cutting technology, fiber laser cutting machines have been well applied in various industries. After several years of laser cutting processing, the cutting effect and cutting ability of the fiber laser cutting machine are not as good as before. So why does this happen? Let's analyze the reasons for the decrease in cutting performance of fiber laser cutting machines.
1. Power: After long-term use of the machine, the laser power will more or less decrease, which will directly affect the cutting performance of the laser cutting machine;
2. Distance: The distance between the processed workpiece and the nozzle can also affect the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine, so the appropriate distance should be adjusted without affecting the cutting performance;
3. Location: The focus position directly affects the cutting progress, and the diameter of the focus spot should be as small as possible, resulting in narrow cutting joints. If the cutting performance decreases, adjusting the focus position is a good method;
The reasons for the performance decline of the long cutting equipment are long-term overload production, lack of maintenance, and improper operation by operators.
In summary, we have identified the reasons for the decline in the performance of laser cutting machines, so we can take targeted measures to prevent or slow down the decline in cutting performance in a timely and effective manner.

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