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Common faults and solutions of carbon dioxide laser cutting machines
2023-08-02 11:59:53 technical college

Common faults and solutions
1、 Laser head does not emit light
1. Press the test key on the operation panel to view the status of the Ammeter:
① No current: Check whether the power supply is connected, whether the high-voltage wire is loose or detached, and whether the signal wire is loose;
② Current present: Check if the lens is broken and if the optical path is severely offset;
2. Check whether it is normal:
① No water supply: Check if the water pump is damaged or not powered on
② Water connection: Check if the water inlet and outlet are connected in reverse or if the water pipe is broken;
3. Capable of spot shooting, self checking, and sending data without emitting light (check if the computer settings are correct)
2、 The carving depth varies or is not deep enough
1. Check if the water flow is smooth (if the water pipe is bent or ruptured);
2. Check whether the focal length is normal (recalibrate);
3. Check whether the optical path is normal (recalibrate);
4. Check if the paper on the plate is too thick and if there is too much water (correct again);
5. Check if the crossbeam is parallel (adjust the belts on both sides);
6. Check if the lenses are broken (replace);
7. Check if the lens or laser tube emitting end is contaminated (re clean);
8. Check if the water temperature is above 30 ℃ (replace the circulating water);
9. Check if the laser head or focusing lens is loose (tighten);
10. The laser current intensity must reach 8mA;
11. Laser tube aging (replacement: no charge during warranty period);
3、 Reset abnormal
1. Check whether the sensor is stained with dust, has poor contact, or is damaged (wipe the dust off the sensor or replace it);
2. Check if the flexible guide belt data cable has poor contact or is damaged (trim the data cable and unplug it again or replace it);
3. Check if the ground wire contact is reliable or if the high-voltage wire is damaged (re grounding or replacing the high-voltage wire);
4. Poor contact of motor wires.
4、 Omission carving
1. Incorrect initialization, data has been sent (corrected);
2. Reverse the operation sequence (re output);
3. Static interference (check if the ground wire falls off);
5、 The cleaning hook is misaligned and not closed
1. Whether the edited file is correct (re edited);
2. Whether the selected target exceeds the layout (re select);
3. Check if the software parameter settings are correct (reset);
4. There is an error (reinstalling the operating system and software);
5. Check whether the tension of the left and right belts is consistent or whether the rear belt is too loose (belt tightening);
6. Check if the belt or synchronous wheel is slipping or jumping teeth (tighten the synchronous wheel or belt);
7. Check if the crossbeam is parallel (readjust the left and right belts);
6、 Computer cannot output
1. Check whether the software parameter setting is normal (reset);
2. Does the engraving machine start according to the positioning before outputting (re outputting);
3. Check if the machine has not been reset in advance (re corrected);
4. Check if the output serial port is consistent with the software setting serial port (reset);
5. Check if the ground wire is reliable and if static electricity interferes with the data line (re grounding);
6. Replace the computer serial port output test;
7. Reinstall the software and reset the testing;
8. Reinstall the formatted disk;
9. The serial port of the motherboard is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.
7、 Unable to calculate path
1. Check if the calculation method for setting the path is correct;

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