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Advantages of Small Laser Cutting Machines in the Leather Fabric Industry
2023-08-02 11:58:38 technical college

Discussion on the Advantages of Small Laser Cutting Machines in the Leather Fabric Industry
The elimination of traditional enterprises and the gradual implementation of innovation by high-tech enterprises have led to the use of automated equipment in some processing enterprises, such as leather laser cutting machines, fabric laser cutting machines, etc. These equipment will involve industries such as leather, fabric, cutting and embroidery, modeling, printing and packaging.
Compared to large laser cutting machines, small laser cutting machines have obvious advantages in some detailed operational fields and are also favored by the general public in the industry. The difference lies in the analysis of five situations: cutting accuracy and speed, purchase price, costs incurred during use, and maintenance costs. The purchasing objects of mechanical equipment in enterprises are generally low purchase prices, low operating cost consumption, production efficiency directly proportional to production processes, diversified equipment production, including production flexibility and product diversification, to maximize the net profit of the enterprise
The application of laser cutting machines in fabrics and leather is now very mature. In order to maximize factory efficiency, there are single head and double head options available. Users can choose the laser cutting machine that suits them according to their different needs.
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