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How to use laser cutting machines to improve the utilization rate of metal sheets
2023-08-02 11:58:00 technical college

In recent years, the efficient and high-precision processing advantages of laser cutting machines have been favored by many sheet metal processing enterprises. The intelligence, friendly human-machine interface, convenient and concise programming method, and precise cutting trajectory control function of the overall design of the laser cutting machine greatly improve production efficiency, production quality, and utilization rate of sheet metal materials.
How to use laser cutting machines to improve the utilization rate of metal sheets
How to use laser cutting machines to improve the utilization rate of metal materials? This has become a topic of common concern for sheet metal processing enterprises.
Before actually cutting the board, focus on how to design layout.
2. For the same model, try increasing the number of small pieces on each large board, which can reduce the waste of sheet metal scraps;
3. If different models cannot achieve the optimal full assembly state during cutting, it is advisable to combine the two models together, choose the appropriate combination, and then typeset to achieve a state that is just or close to full assembly, effectively improving utilization efficiency;
4. For irregularly shaped models, use the method of embedding layout; For models with regular shapes (such as circular or square), staggered arrangement can be adopted.
In addition to design layout, prioritizing the use of surplus materials during production and material requisition is also an effective method to improve the utilization rate of board materials.
Laser cutting has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high efficiency, short cycle, convenient operation, high cutting quality, and low cost. Whether it is simple or complex parts, laser can be used to achieve a rapid forming cutting. It is precisely because laser cutting machines have such unique advantages that the rapid development of the laser cutting industry and the epoch-making changes in the sheet metal processing industry have been achieved!
But how to scientifically utilize laser cutting machines to improve the utilization rate of sheet metal materials is still a topic that needs to be pursued forever. But in the final analysis, following these rules, the utilization rate will not be low: scientific and reasonable design layout, intelligent programming to optimize cutting programs, and maximizing residual materials!

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