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Laser Cutting Machines
Principles to follow when selecting a laser cutting machine
2023-08-02 11:57:19 technical college

Laser cutting machines have become extremely common in industrial applications. How to choose suitable and reasonably priced laser equipment when facing numerous laser equipment?
Laser processing technology has many valuable characteristics. However, when it comes to whether a particular product is suitable for adopting this technology, the following principles should be followed:
(1) Other existing methods cannot solve it, only laser processing can solve it;
(2) Other existing processing methods can solve the problem, but if laser processing is used, it can greatly improve product quality, improve production efficiency, and significantly increase economic and social benefits;
(3) Fully consider the matching links related to laser processing in the processing process;
(4) We should attach importance to the application of laser processing combined with conventional processing technology in order to fully utilize their respective strengths;
(5) In practical applications, if domestic equipment can be used, domestic equipment should be used as much as possible. Doing so is conducive to promoting the development of national industry and innovation; For the application itself, using domestic equipment has advantages such as low price, convenient and guaranteed maintenance, and being suitable for China's national conditions

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