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What should be paid attention to when purchasing UV laser cutting machines
2023-07-25 13:05:05 technical college

There are various laser cutting machines in the market that have many functional properties. How to correctly purchase UV laser cutting machines suitable for production in one's own factory has become a long-term research issue for customers. So, how should we choose a cutting machine?
1: To understand one's own cutting needs
Factory self use or outsourced processing, what material to cut, how much thickness, the thickness that is frequently cut, and what is the thickest cutting thickness; Select the appropriate power range according to the cutting needs, and choose the most suitable UV laser cutting machine in terms of budget funds.
2: The width of the cutting and the width of the incision generally do not affect the cutting quality. The cutting width only has a significant impact when a particularly precise contour is formed inside the component.
3: Roughness not only affects the appearance of edges, but also affects friction characteristics. In most cases, it is necessary to minimize roughness, so the shallower the grain, the higher the cutting quality. Also consider verticality, the more perpendicular the edge, the higher the cutting quality;
4: To confirm the cutting speed
Another important factor in determining whether a UV laser cutting machine is excellent is cutting speed, which provides users with a more intuitive visual effect. The faster the production efficiency, the higher the cutting speed and laser power. Under certain conditions, it can affect the size of cutting speed and laser power. The optimal cutting speed has a significant impact on cutting quality, cutting width, and roughness.
5: Lines and Burrs
When high-speed cutting thick plates, molten metal does not appear in the incision below the vertical laser beam, but instead sprays out at the back of the laser beam. As a result, curved patterns formed at the cutting edge, closely following the moving laser beam. To correct this problem, reducing the feed rate at the end of the cutting process can greatly reduce the generation of patterns.
Burr is a very important factor in determining the quality of laser cutting, as the removal of burrs requires additional workload. Therefore, the severity and quantity of burrs can directly reflect the cutting quality of ultraviolet laser cutting machines.
6: Can the relevant services be delivered in a timely manner
UV laser cutting machines not only purchase the quality and service of the equipment, but also pay attention to whether the brand has after-sales guarantee. When purchasing on the equipment website, it is also necessary to pay attention to pre-sales testing and ensure that any equipment malfunction or force majeure reasons can be immediately resolved through after-sales service.
7: Is the price of laser cutting machines indicative of market prices
It is normal to have high and low prices, but the prices of UV laser cutting machines in the market are generally within a certain range, and there are problems with being too high or too low. It is necessary to carefully check.
The above are the main factors that determine the selection of UV laser cutting machines. You can consider selecting a suitable UV laser cutting machine based on the above aspects.

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