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Why not buy a used laser cutting machine?
2023-07-24 10:46:31 technical college

With the development of 4K / 3D/laser projection/high frame rate/LED light source, coaxial audio and other technology hotspots, mainstream projector manufacturers have launched their own laser projector products in the first half of 2014, making laser light source become a hot discussion. The topic is, how far can the laser go, what are the problems of the laser light source, and how can these problems be solved in the process of theatre and cinema?

Early adopters used used laser cutters. Due to special circumstances, laser cutting machines are resold, which is called second-hand laser cutting machines. It loses the function of the new laser cutting machine, so most current laser cutting machine manufacturers do not support it. Buy back and sell used laser cutting machines. In analyzing the specific causes, there are several points.


1. Recycled used laser cutting machines are unlikely to be their own brand equipment. Usually, manufacturers with strong brand strength do not use laser cutting machines that recycle their own brands. This also makes the first process of the second-hand laser cutting machine not recyclable.


2. In the used second-hand laser cutting machine, it does not fully understand the previous user's work flow, nor can it fully understand the working condition of the equipment, and may also lead to many hidden factors in the internal equipment. This completely eliminates the risk of this second-hand laser cutting machine.


3, the price difference between the new laser cutting machine and the second-hand laser cutting machine is not very obvious. If you can and plan to buy a used laser cutter, why not buy a brand new laser cutter for such a small amount of money? And the new laser cutting machine has a good guarantee, perfect after-sales service team, why not?

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