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Laser Cutting Machines
What are the unique advantages of domestic laser cutting machines
2023-07-24 10:45:57 technical college

In all kinds of cutting processing in China, only laser processing is a non-contact cutting processing, and the energy and motion speed of the high energy laser beam can be adjusted to achieve a variety of processing purposes. It can be processed for a variety of metals and non-metals, and fiber lasers have many unique advantages: good beam quality; Small size, light weight, maintenance-free; Wind cooling is simple and easy to operate; Low operating cost, can be used in industrial environment; Long life, high processing precision, fast speed; The energy conversion efficiency is high, which can realize intelligent, automatic and flexible operation.



What are the advantages of laser cutting machine processing:

① The use of laser cutting machine for laser processing can effectively improve production efficiency, increase economic benefits, and ensure product quality.

② The cutting efficiency and cutting range can be increased through different media, and various processing can be carried out on the workpiece in the closed container; Robots can also be used for laser processing in harsh environments.

(3) Laser processing can remove "tool" wear, module restrictions, etc., to reduce costs.

It can process a variety of metals and non-metals, especially materials with high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point.

The laser beam is easy to guide and focus, and the conversion is matched with the numerical control system, which is a very flexible processing method.

No contact processing, no direct impact on the workpiece, so it will not cause mechanical deformation, and the high energy laser beam energy and its moving speed can be adjusted, so that a variety of processing purposes can be realized.

In laser processing, the laser beam has a high energy density, the speed can be maintained at a high speed because of local processing, and then, because of its small heat-affected zone, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small, and the subsequent cumbersome processing needs are avoided.

Low cost and compact solution using semiconductor fiber as laser generator

Quality, no need for laser gas, green environmental protection;

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