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How to solve the Z-axis servo alarm of the laser cutting machine?
2023-05-26 09:59:44 technical college

laser cutting machine

How to solve the Z-axis servo alarm for laser cutting?

1. The cutting material is irradiated by a high-power density laser beam, which quickly heats the material to the evaporation temperature and evaporates to form holes. As the beam of light moves towards the material, the width of the hole is very narrow (such as about 0.1mm) to cut the seam and complete the material cutting.

2. Check if the Z-axis motor wire and encoder wire have poor contact and can be exchanged with the Y-axis. If the circuit is normal, the driver may be damaged.

The key to Z-axis servo alarm is that the entire operation process of the Z-axis has lost electromechanical synchronization, and the positioning position has been deformed by early mechanical collisions. The current situation is that the reset failed, and the automatic operation alarm cannot be triggered, and can only be manually operated. Recalibrate mechanical and electrical synchronization (mechanical refers to loosening the coupling empty disk or connecting the electrical Z-axis encoder to the servo motor...)

2. What should I do if there is an alarm in the servo input of the laser height regulator?

1. No response during startup

Check if the power fuse is burnt out: replace the fuse.

Whether the power input is normal: Check the power input and make it normal.

Is the main power switch damaged? Replace the main power switch.

2. No laser output or very weak laser

Whether the light path is offset: Carefully adjust the light path.

Check if the reflector is contaminated or damaged: Clean or replace the reflector.

Does the focal length of the device change? Readjust the focal length.

Focus lens contamination: Clean the focus lens.

Check if the cooling water quality or water temperature is normal: Replace the clean cooling water to ensure its temperature reaches normal values.

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