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Laser Cutting Machines
How to adjust the light of a laser cutting machine
2023-05-25 10:13:44 technical college

laser cutting machine

1. Laser cutting machine dimming

(1) The laser emitted from the laser tube should be on the first lens.

(2) The light reflected from the first lens should be at the center of the second lens. (If not, adjust the three screws behind the first lens, one to adjust the left and right directions of the laser, and the other to adjust the up and down directions of the laser. The middle screw is the center point for adjustment, and it is generally best not to move the middle screw)

(3) Similarly, the light emitted by the second lens should be at the center of the third lens. If you don't adjust the three screws behind the second lens, the method is the same.

(4) Everything has been adjusted before. Place a piece of paper in the area where the laser head emits light. Check if the laser is in the center of the paper. If not, adjust the three methods on the laser head until light energy is emitted from the middle of the laser head hole.

2. Adjust the vertical optical path laser servo system.

(1) Place a piece of acrylic acid on the machine workbench, then cut it into rectangular blocks of size, and observe the verticality of the cutting (or directly click on the drill hole to observe the verticality)

(2) If the light direction deviates to the left and right, it is necessary to adjust the level of the laser tube. If the light deviates to the front and back, it is necessary to adjust the front and back of the laser tube base. If the deviation of the light is not significant, simply adjust it slightly until it is adjusted to be perpendicular to the front, back, left, and right.

2. How to adjust the structure and optical path of the laser cutting machine?

Steps for adjusting the optical path of the laser cutting machine:

Step 1: Adjust the laser current to below 8mA (50%), and the laser power should not be too strong;

Step 2: Adjust the light path of the laser tube and the first reflector.

Place the dimming paper in front of the first lens and gently press the click button with your hand (release immediately, you can see the laser spot on the dimming paper) to see if the spot falls on the first lens (preferably

If you can hit the camera, this step is complete. If you cannot hit the lens or deviate, you need to adjust the position or height of the first reflector frame (or laser tube) to meet the above standards.

Step 3: Adjust the optical path between the first reflector and the second reflector.

Firstly, place the laser paper in front of the second lens, move the guide rail to the upper left corner, and press the click button to check the position of the laser spot. Then move the guide rail to the bottom left corner, press the click button, and check if the two spots (top left and top right) overlap. If there is overlap and the spot position is within the lens, it indicates that the optical path between the first and second reflective lenses is correct; If there is no overlap, you need to adjust the adjustment screw on the main mirror frame behind the first mirror, adjust the two points together, and then adjust the top, bottom, left and right (x direction) position of the main mirror frame so that the first mirror reflects to the second mirror (center).

The above refers to the second and third reflective lenses.

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