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How to solve the problem of laser cutting machines not emitting light?
2023-05-25 10:11:50 technical college

laser cutting machine

How to solve the problem of laser cutting machines not emitting light?

1. Check if the water circulation is normal and ensure that the water circulation is normal. If the water protection is broken, it can be short circuited;

2. Click on the preset button to check if the ammeter is swinging. If not swinging, use a multimeter to measure whether the laser power supply is charging. If it does not emit light, there may be a power failure that needs to be replaced;

3. GND ground wire and P water protection short joint can also be used on the power supply to test whether the water protection is broken, and 5V and AIN short circuits can be used to check the maximum output power. If it emits light, the potentiometer is broken and needs to be replaced;

4. If the program does not light up, can a multimeter be used to measure whether there is DC between the terminals 15 (H) or 16 (L) of the connecting card 3 and 14? If the above voltage is present, it indicates that the card is normal and there may be no problem with the card signal;

5. There is noise inside the laser power supply, usually due to poor contact at the power connector. Rewelding or connecting, and then blowing dust inside the power supply;

What is the reason why the laser cutting machine does not emit light?

When the operator uses a laser cutting machine, it occasionally does not emit light. In this situation, firstly, we should not panic. We should calm down and inspect the entire laser cutting machine to eliminate the malfunction. Here are a few areas where faults need to be eliminated.

1. Check the focusing distance of the laser cutting machine for any deviation or change, then check whether the focusing mirror is clean, strictly check whether the optical path is offset, and carefully adjust the optical path.

2. Check the reflector for contamination or damage, clean or replace the reflector.

Check whether the cooling water flows normally, and secondly, check whether the water quality or temperature of the cooling water is normal. What is the principle of a laser cutting machine.

4. Check if the laser power supply is powered on. If there is no power supply, consider whether the laser power supply is damaged and replace it.

5. Check if the laser tube is damaged or aged.

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