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Laser Cutting Machines
The importance of selecting a dedicated air compressor for laser cutting machines
2023-05-16 11:23:25 technical college

As we all know, if we want to improve the processing efficiency of laser cutting machines, we must add some auxiliary gases such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. during processing. And air is the low-cost gas among all auxiliary gases, and it is also the preferred choice for most customers. Therefore, in order to improve the cutting effect, auxiliary equipment such as a dedicated air compressor for laser cutting is necessary. How to choose an air compressor suitable for laser cutting machines?

The air compressor is mainly used to compress air and provide high-pressure air. The gas from the cutting head of the laser cutting machine is mainly used to blow off burrs and residues, while also blowing and dedusting the optical system. The compressed air discharged from the air enters the gas control cabinet through the air storage tank and dryer, and through a precise processing system, becomes clean and dry gas, which is used as cutting gas, cylinder power gas source, and optical path positive pressure dust removal gas to improve the operating efficiency and service life of the laser cutting machine.

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