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How to choose the lower protective mirror for the cutting head of a laser cutting machine?
2023-05-16 11:21:43 technical college

Laser equipment has brought us more convenience in daily industrial processing, but a good laser cutting machine can also have problems, so it will also consume some accessories. However, the lower protective mirror is a component that needs to be replaced frequently.

Therefore, we need to fully understand what types of protective glasses cannot be used; Professional knowledge on the consequences of improper selection, in order to better select and use protective goggles.

What are the consequences of improper selection of protective goggles?

Unqualified lower protection mirrors absorb light and generate intense heat, which can cause significant focus drift, leading to poor cutting. Severe heat can also cause lower protection mirror breakdown, and even reverse breakdown of the focus and alignment of the cutting head. Once high-value components are damaged, maintenance costs can reach up to 20% -50% of the price of the new cutting head, resulting in huge losses.

If the coating is not qualified, the light transmittance is weak, which can lead to insufficient transmission and strong reflection, resulting in the return light of the lower protection mirror passing through the cutting head collimator and focusing mirror in the opposite direction, and converging again near the output head end cap, causing the output head protection window to burn out.

A more serious situation is that when the output head end cap is burned, the forward laser cannot transmit and is trapped in the output head, directly causing damage to the metal structure of the output head, water leakage, slag spraying, and other phenomena. In this case, irreversible damage to the cutting head can also be caused.

What type of protective goggles cannot be used?

1、 It is a protective mirror with coating detachment and exposed quartz substrate. This protective mirror can be recognized by the naked eye;

2、 Protective lenses with poor coating quality have an accurate appearance, but when testing the transmittance of the coated area, some areas have low transmittance and high reflection. This type of protective lens cannot be recognized by the naked eye or microscope, and can only be measured using professional instruments.

3、 A protective mirror with foreign objects or bubbles between the film layer and the substrate, which is used at high power and has a short lifespan and is extremely easy to burn.

4、 Protective lenses with poor smoothness. This type of service life is relatively short.

How to choose protective goggles?

Generally speaking, for small and medium-sized end customers, the demand for consumables is relatively small and their bargaining power is weak. They can purchase through equipment supplier channels. For informal channels or when there is a significant deviation in prices, they should be cautious in purchasing.

When purchasing protective goggles, you can distinguish based on the following points:

1. Substrate: Select materials that are relatively mature in the industry;

2. Manufacturer: Try to select optical cold processing manufacturers with qualifications for producing high-power laser window panels, lenses, and other optical components;

3. Coating: Customized antireflection coating based on the laser output wavelength;

4. Test report: Provide a report on the transmission wavelength of the protective mirror, a report on the compliance of the smoothness, a material model, a weak absorption report (not mandatory), a report on the adhesion of the coating, a report on the size and appearance, etc.

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