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What materials are laser engraving machines suitable for
2022-01-06 09:19:43 technical college

Laser engraving machine is widely used in all walks of life. There are many materials that can be made and processed. Today, we will introduce several materials and engraving methods routinely processed by some laser engraving machines.

1. Acrylic (plexiglass)

Acrylic is particularly widely used in the advertising industry. Whether it is whole board engraving and cutting or cutting processing, the cost of using laser engraving machine is relatively low. Generally, plexiglass is carved on the back, that is, carved from the front and viewed from the back, which makes the finished product more three-dimensional. When back carving, please mirror the graphics first, and the carving speed should be fast and the power should be low. Plexiglass is relatively easy to cut. When cutting, an air blowing device should be used to improve the cutting quality. Note that the operator shall not leave when cutting plexiglass, and there may be flame during cutting.

2. Wood

Wood is easy to carve and cut with a laser engraving machine. Light colored wood such as birch, cherry or maple can be well gasified by laser, so it is more suitable for carving. As one of the most popular carving wood, basswood is easy to carve, similar to European bodhi tree. Because the grain of basswood is not very obvious, it is recommended to paint its carving works. Thick plates have large smoke during processing, and can be equipped with smoke purifier.

3、Leather products

Redsail laser engraving machine adopts the latest laser engraving technology, which is intelligent, convenient and easy to operate. It can make permanent marks on the surface of leather materials with laser beam, expose deep materials through the evaporation of surface materials, and carve exquisite patterns, trademarks and words, so as to produce leather products with non fading image patterns, gradual flower shapes, holes and hollows.

4、Paper laser cutting

Redsail laser cutting machine has stable performance, can accurately cut and carve various patterns on paperboard, and can automatically find the position of cutting point. The machine interface is simple, the operation is more convenient, the processing efficiency is high, the adsorption is reliable and the application range is wide.

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