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How to prolong the service life of laser cutting machines
2023-03-24 11:59:59 technical college

Laser cutting machines are equipment used to process metal materials. Prices are often not low, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Therefore, prolonging the service life of the laser cutting machine as much as possible can better save production costs. So how should the laser cutting machine be maintained? How can we extend the service life of laser cutting machines?

Before understanding the daily maintenance of laser cutting machines, we need to first understand the main components of laser cutting machines, which are mainly divided into: circuit system, transmission system, cooling system, light source system, and dust removal system. The key daily maintenance parts are mainly the cooling system (to ensure constant temperature effect), dust removal system (to ensure dust removal effect), optical path system (to ensure beam quality), and transmission system (to focus on ensuring normal operation). In addition, a good working environment and correct operating habits are also conducive to extending the service life of the equipment.

Maintenance of laser cutting machines - How to extend the service life of laser cutting machines?

How to prolong the service life of laser cutting machines? First of all, when working with a cutting machine, we need to first push the crossbeam before starting the machine, and try to move it back and forth. Move it left and right without any abnormal noise before powering on. After completing the work of the day, clean up the materials and waste residues produced in the machine that day. This can protect the machine's motion system from damage caused by external objects. To clean its moving parts and keep the machine in good working condition, the specific methods are as follows:

1、 Cooling system maintenance

The water inside the water cooler must be regularly replaced, usually with a frequency of one week. Before operating the machine, ensure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water. The quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to use purified or distilled water, and control the water temperature below 35 ℃. "Failure to change water for a long time can easily form scale, which can clog the waterways. Therefore, it is important to change water regularly.".

Maintain a smooth flow of water at all times. Cooling water is responsible for taking away the heat generated by the laser tube. The higher the water temperature, the lower the light output power (15-20 ℃ water temperature is preferred); When water is cut off, heat accumulation in the laser cavity can cause the tube end to explode, and even damage the laser power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water is smooth at any time. When the water pipe has a hard bend (dead bend) or falls off, leading to the failure of the water pump, it must be repaired in a timely manner to avoid power loss or even equipment damage.

2、 Dust removal system maintenance

After a long time of use, the fan will accumulate a lot of dust, which affects the exhaust and odor removal effects, and also produces noise. When it is found that the suction of the fan is insufficient and the smoke exhaust is not smooth, it is necessary to clean the fan. First, turn off the power supply, remove the air inlet and outlet pipes from the fan, remove the dust inside, and then turn the fan upside down, stir the inner blades until they are clean, and then install the fan. Fan maintenance cycle: about one month.

3、 Cleaning of optical system maintenance lenses

After the machine has been operating for a period of time, a layer of ash will adhere to the surface of the lens due to the working environment, thereby reducing the reflectivity of the reflective lens and the transmittance of the lens, ultimately affecting the working power of the laser. At this point, use a absorbent cotton dipped in ethanol to carefully rotate the lens from the center to the edge.

When wiping lenses, pay attention to:

A. The lens should be gently wiped to prevent damage to the surface coating;

During wiping, handle with care to prevent falling;

When installing the focus lens, be sure to keep the concave side downward

In addition, the use of ultra-high speed perforations should be minimized at ordinary times. Using conventional perforations can extend the service life of the focusing lens

4、 Transmission system maintenance

During the long-term cutting process of the equipment, smoke and dust will be generated, and fine smoke and dust will enter the equipment through the dust cover, thereby adhering to the rail rack. The long-term accumulation will increase the wear of the rail rack. Rack guide rail is a relatively precise accessory, with a large amount of dust deposited on the surface of the guide rail and linear shaft for a long time, which has a significant impact on the processing accuracy of the equipment, and can form corrosion spots on the surface of the straight shaft of the guide rail, shortening the service life of the equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment and the processing quality of the product, it is necessary to carefully conduct daily maintenance of the guide rail and linear shaft, and regularly perform dust removal and cleaning. After cleaning the dust, grease the rack and lubricate the guide rail with lubricating oil. Each bearing should also be regularly oiled, in order to maintain flexible driving, accurate machining, and extend the service life of the machine tool.

5、 Working environment

The workplace environment should be kept dry and well ventilated, with an ambient temperature of 4 ℃ - 33 ℃. Attention should be paid to preventing equipment condensation in summer, and antifreeze laser equipment in winter.

Equipment should be kept away from electrical equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference to prevent long-term exposure to electromagnetic interference. Keep away from sudden high power interference caused by high power and strong vibration equipment. High power interference can sometimes cause machine failure, which is rare, but should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, such as large electric welding machines, giant power mixers, and large power transmission and transformation equipment, should be kept away. It goes without saying that strong vibration equipment, such as forging presses, vibrations caused by close motor vehicles traveling, and the obvious shaking of the ground is very detrimental to accurate carving.

6、 Other precautions

1. Apply a small amount of lubricating oil to the screws, including the screws on the laser tube holder and the first mirror, to facilitate disassembly and assembly during maintenance. Note: Do not add lubricating oil to the timing belt, drag chain, air pipe, motor, sensor, lens, and electric wire.

2. Items cannot be placed inside the machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.

3. Clean up the dust and foreign matters on the metal oil tanker, metal shaft, slider, and linear guide rail with cotton cloth, add lubricating oil, and perform idle reciprocating movement.

During the operation of the equipment, the operator must observe the working condition of the equipment at any time. In case of any abnormal condition, immediately cut off all power supplies, promptly eliminate the fault or report to the supervisor, and actively take corresponding measures. Regularly count the usage of the machine, regularly keep records of each part of the laser cutting machine, and promptly replace it if it fails to achieve good results, so as to prevent any problems before they occur.

Do not process a material until it is clear whether it can be irradiated or heated with laser light, to avoid the potential hazards of smoke and vapor generation and damage to the laser equipment.

If you use the above maintenance techniques well, I believe that your equipment will have a longer service life and higher work efficiency!

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