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How much is suitable for laser cutting machines?
2023-03-24 11:58:56 technical college

Many people habitually ask "How much is the laser cutting machine?" when consulting laser cutting machines, just like someone asks you "How much is the phone?" You cannot give them an accurate number. Many people will also feel that the prices are uneven and confused, so what price is reasonable?

1、 Clarify your needs

You should first clarify your needs, what materials to cut, and the specifications of the materials to be cut. Like today's mobile phones, there are those who are good at taking photos, those who are good at playing games, and those who are good at business, all of which are different. We also need to choose according to our own needs, and the same is true for laser cutting machines;

Secondly, some laser cutting machines are equipped with an exchange platform, which can save processing time; Some are equipped with protective covers to reduce laser radiation and smoke pollution, making them more environmentally safe; There is also a laser cutting machine integrated with plates and tubes, which can process both pipes and plates; However, the more features a laser cutting machine has, the higher the price will definitely be.

2、 Model suitable for your own needs

After clarifying our needs, we need to choose a model. Just like mobile phones, there are X's, Pro's, Plus's, and many models of laser cutting machines. According to the size of the plate you need to cut, there are 3015, 4020, and 6025. Depending on the thickness of the cutting material, there are 1000W, 3000W, and 8000W powers.

Next is the configuration of the main equipment. Due to different configurations, the processing accuracy and stability, including the service life, are different.

3、 After sales issues

The price of a device is not just about the device itself, but also about after-sales service. After all, a laser cutting machine is a long-term processing equipment that requires constant maintenance during use. Occasionally, there are some areas that require repair. Therefore, having a good after-sales service is also an important place for customers to purchase the machine with peace of mind.

So if you want to buy a desirable device, you cannot just focus on the price, but on what the price can bring you and whether it truly meets your real needs. If you want a high price device, the price must be higher. Don't blindly pursue price while ignoring quality.

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