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Laser Cutting Machines
Why are more and more people choosing laser cutting machines
2023-03-24 11:55:41 technical college

With the increasing development of the laser industry, laser cutting machine equipment is favored by more and more bosses in the sheet metal processing industry.

1、 High efficiency:

1. Fast speed: The laser cutting machine has a fast cutting speed, with a maximum vacancy speed of 70m/min; It is several times faster than other traditional cutting equipment in the same unit time;

2. High accuracy: small heat affected area, positioning accuracy up to 0.05mm, much higher than traditional cutting equipment, smooth and delicate section, basically without secondary processing and polishing.

2、 Cost savings:

1. Laser cutting is non-contact processing, which reduces wear on the workpiece and also reduces the thermal impact area on the workpiece, with little thermal deformation of the workpiece;

2. The laser cutting machine operating system is equivalent to a computer system, which can facilitate typesetting and modification. Reasonable layout can reduce workpiece wear and reduce processing costs.

3、 Easy to operate: Laser cutting is a highly automated cutting device that is easy to operate and learn.

4、 Environmental protection:

1. The photoelectric conversion rate of laser cutting machines is very high, which has great advantages in electricity consumption, energy saving and environmental protection;

2. Low noise, clean, non polluting.

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