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How to delay the aging of fiber laser cutting machine equipment
2023-03-23 10:46:18 technical college

With the development of laser cutting technology, fiber optic laser cutting machines have been widely used, and machines, like humans, may experience aging during long-term use, which may slow down cutting speed and degrade cutting accuracy, thereby affecting cutting performance. So how can we delay the aging speed of laser cutting machines? Large image laser provides answers for you.

1. Parameter settings

The factory parameters of the fiber laser cutting machine are preset. Due to the variety of plates to be processed, the manufacturer is open to users for parameter adjustment, which is a parameter obtained through long-term application practice. When using cutting equipment, long-term use beyond the standard (such as overspeed, long-term cutting of high reflective materials) can cause a gradual decrease in laser power and even damage to the laser. In addition, the laser itself will also have a slight decrease in power as its service life increases. It is necessary to use the equipment according to the factory parameters of the manufacturer to adapt the parameters to the material being processed, which can effectively extend the life of the cutting equipment.

Ensure a good use environment

Laser cutting machines have certain requirements for the operating environment, including temperature, humidity, dust, etc. "The temperature should not be too high or too low, as high temperatures can cause a crash or slow machine response. Low temperatures can cause air ducts to rupture, leak, or break.". Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature of the laser cutting machine workshop to delay the aging of various parts of the machine. Humidity can also affect the working state and aging degree of the machine. Excessive humidity can lead to rust on some parts of the machine, affecting its service life.

During the working process of a laser cutting machine, a large amount of metal dust will be generated, which will adhere to the equipment and accelerate the wear between various components, thereby affecting the cutting accuracy. Metal dust adhering to the lens can reduce the transmittance of the lens, greatly affecting the performance and efficiency of laser cutting machines. Maintain the environment around the laser cutting machine, ensure cutting quality, and regularly clean up dust to ensure stable operation of the machine. Every day, use compressed air and a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the optical fiber laser cutting machine operating platform, electrical cabinet, and various equipment. Close the electrical cabinet door tightly to prevent dust. It is necessary to regularly disassemble the dust covers of each shaft, check whether the gear rack and guide rail are worn or have foreign matters, and timely clean and add oil. Avoid affecting the cutting accuracy and damaging the rack guide rail.

"Grinding knives does not delay firewood cutting, and doing the above can ensure the long-term and stable operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, continuously creating value.".

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