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Laser Cutting Machines
How to choose a laser cutting machine
2023-03-23 10:43:33 technical college

Laser cutting machines are one of the hot selling equipment for metal and non-metal processing. How to select high-quality laser cutting machines requires a certain understanding of laser cutting machines.

The type of laser used for laser cutting depends on the material being cut. However, when selecting and setting up a laser cutting machine for a specific application, other factors should also be considered, such as machine configuration, laser power, wavelength, time mode, spatial mode, and focal size.

Laser power:

The price of a cutting machine usually depends on the laser power, and the higher the power, the more expensive the equipment is,

Range of processing materials:

Laser cutting is suitable for various metal and non-metallic materials. The type and properties of the material to be cut largely determine the optimal cutting mechanism, cutting gas and cutting gas pressure, as well as the laser machine used for laser cutting applications. The power of the laser varies with the processing thickness and range

Device configuration:

The price of the equipment depends on the cost components such as the procurement cost, labor cost, logistics cost, and after-sales service of the spare parts used.

Conclusion: Don't blindly choose equipment due to low prices to avoid potential risks in later use. Try to choose laser cutting machine brands with certain strength, good reputation, good after-sales service, and high cost performance

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