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Laser Cutting Machines
What are the driving forces for the future development of laser cutting machines
2023-03-23 10:42:20 technical college

1. Light source driving: The emergence of new and high-performance lasers and the reduction of laser costs will trigger an explosive growth in related market applications. The rapid entry of one generation of laser equipment and thick plate laser cutting equipment into the industrial field is a typical case.

2. System function drive: Now it has entered the era of information and intelligent manufacturing. The accuracy and controllability of laser processing make it an execution terminal for intelligent manufacturing.

3. Processing process drive: For example, ultra-fast laser technology promotes the application of laser cutting in ultra-fine machining processes in the industrial and pharmaceutical industries. For applications such as processing fragile materials such as glass and ceramics, or for smooth drilling on hard metals such as turbine blades, the combination of accuracy and refinement is very important.

4. Market driven: For metal surface treatment, even using high-speed cladding technology, the manufacturing cost is higher than the electroplating process. However, due to environmental policies and other reasons in the later stage, the investment cost of electroplating process for environmental protection is too high, which makes the overall cost of high-speed cladding even lower than that of electroplating technology.

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