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What factors will affect the efficiency of the laser cutting machine?
2023-01-31 09:48:07 technical college

Nowadays, many industries have used laser cutting machines for production and processing, because the types and structures of laser cutting machines are different, and the effects produced during processing will be different due to different laser equipment. Therefore, what factors will affect the working efficiency of the laser cutting machine?

1. Material variety

This kind of equipment is very suitable for metal and non-metallic materials, and different materials will have different frequencies of use. Generally speaking, the cutting of non-metallic materials is very thick

We can only cut some thin plates.

2. Laser head of laser cutting machine

At present, there are many kinds of cutting heads used by laser cutting equipment on the market, both domestic and imported. The cutting effect finally determined is also compatible with the machine tool structure

At the same time, high-precision cutting head will be more suitable.

3. Thickness and smoothness of materials

In fact, laser cutting is very suitable for cutting thin plates. The best effect is to cut stainless steel with a thickness of no more than 12mm and a minimum of 6mm. The processing quality will be significant

Efficiency should be guaranteed. If the cutting material does not exceed 1mm, the cut is very smooth. The roughness of the material surface determines the cutting quality. Smoother

The better the cutting quality of the material.

4. Laser power and mode

If this kind of equipment has high power, the effect will be better than ordinary when cutting the same plate. The laser cutting mode and material need to be compatible, the higher the better

The effect of.

So when using the laser cutting machine, we need to know that some factors will affect the working efficiency of the cutting machine. This requires a good understanding of the factors that affect the working efficiency of the equipment when using and selecting, so as to ensure that it will be better used.

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