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Safe operation principle of laser cutting machine
2023-01-31 09:45:13 technical college

Laser cutting is realized by using high power density energy generated after laser focusing. Under the control of the computer, the laser is discharged by pulse to output a controlled repetitive high frequency pulse laser, forming a beam of a certain frequency and pulse width. The pulse laser beam is transmitted and reflected through the optical path and focused on the surface of the processed object through the focusing lens group, forming a small, high energy density light spot. The focus spot is located near the surface to be processed, melting or vaporizing the processed material at an instant high temperature. Each high-energy laser pulse will instantly eject a small hole on the surface of the object. Under the control of the computer, the laser processing head and the processed material will move continuously relative to each other according to the pre-drawn figure, so that the object will be processed into the desired shape.

When the laser cutting machine is working, if it breaks down, it is very dangerous. The novice must be trained by professional personnel to operate independently. The experts of the laser carving machine summarized 13 details of the safety work of the laser cutting machine based on their experience, and hope to help, as follows:

1. Observe the general cutting machine safety operation regulations. Start the laser in strict accordance with the laser startup procedure.

2. The operator must be trained to be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment and master the relevant knowledge of the operating system.

3. Wear labor protection articles as required, and wear protective glasses that meet the requirements near the laser beam.

4. Do not process a material until it is clear whether it can be irradiated or heated by laser, so as to avoid the potential danger of smoke and steam.

5. When the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave the post or entrust others to be in charge without authorization. If it is really necessary to leave, the operator shall stop the machine or cut off the power switch.

6. Keep the fire extinguisher at a place within easy reach; Turn off the laser or shutter when not processing; Do not place paper, cloth or other inflammables near the unprotected laser beam.

7. If any abnormality is found during the processing, the machine shall be shut down immediately, and the fault shall be eliminated in time or reported to the supervisor.

8. Keep the laser, the bed and the surrounding area clean, orderly and free of oil, and stack the workpieces, plates and waste materials according to regulations.

9. When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing welding wires to avoid leakage accidents. The use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with the gas cylinder supervision regulations. Do not expose the cylinder to the sun or close to the heat source. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand at the side of the bottle nozzle.

10. Observe high-voltage safety regulations during maintenance. Maintenance shall be carried out according to regulations and procedures every 40 hours or every week, every 1000 hours or every six months.

11. After starting the machine, manually start the machine tool at low speed in X and Y directions, and check whether there is any abnormality.

12. After inputting the new workpiece program, it is necessary to run it first and check its operation.

13. When working, pay attention to observe the operation of the machine tool to avoid accidents caused by the cutting machine out of the effective range of travel or the collision between the two machines.

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