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What laser cutting machine is selected for 8mm carbon steel?
2023-01-30 10:18:49 technical college

Laser cutting has been involved in all walks of life. Due to business needs, some customers may need to cut about 8mm carbon steel materials. For such thick materials, many customers still choose flame cutting or CNC punch, but the processed products have many burrs and slow speed. Today, I tell you what equipment is suitable for cutting 8mm thick steel plates.

The 8mm thick carbon steel material can not meet the speed requirements for traditional cutting equipment, but also has a certain gap with laser cutting machine in quality. Because of its strong cutting ability, high speed and high processing accuracy, laser cutting machine has become a necessary equipment for metal sheet metal cutting. In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine can also cut various complex graphics according to requirements to meet the needs of various industries.

Xinquanli Laser recommends that you choose laser cutting machines according to your business scope. We can consider the following three aspects:

1. If the metal material below 6mm is cut for a long time, it is recommended to buy a 500w fiber laser cutting machine, which has moderate power, relatively cheap price and quick economic returns.

2. If we often cut about 8 mm of carbon steel, we recommend to choose a 1000w fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a switching table, with a cutting speed of 3 meters/min.

3. If the cutting range is more than 8mm thick carbon steel materials, we recommend that the optical fiber laser cutting machine with a power of more than 2000w be more competent. Although the price will be higher, it is still more cost-effective from the long-term business development perspective.

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