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When using the laser cutting machine, pay attention to these, which can prolong the service time
2022-12-05 09:02:16 technical college

Laser cutting machines, as well as optical fiber laser cutting machines, have a high probability of being used in the current production environment. Therefore, people want to improve the quality as soon as possible. First, they need to give full play to the power. Although the quality of the current laser cutting machine itself is relatively good, if there is no way to bring these effects into play, it will also affect the normal use.

For example, in the process of using the laser cutting machine for a long time, it will inevitably lead to the accumulation of dust, which will affect the health of the operators. If the electrical cabinet is not closed properly, there will also be a lot of dust in the whole operation process, which will affect the normal use of electrical appliances and also cause damage to components. In addition, we should try to maintain a constant temperature environment during use. Only in a constant temperature environment can we effectively ensure normal operation. Generally, the temperature should be about 40 ℃ to 45 ℃, which is critical.

In addition, when using the optical fiber laser cutting machine, we also need to know that the humidity should also be guaranteed. Generally, the humidity should be less than 75%, which will play a better role in the case of high temperature and high humidity. In addition, it will also cause machine failures in the process of work. Therefore, when installing the laser cutting machine, we must also ensure whether the above conditions are met, which can effectively avoid damage to the machine and extend the use time, It can ensure that the equipment enters the normal operation stage.

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