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What are the differences between different laser engraving machines and ceramic handicrafts
2022-12-02 09:39:42 technical college

The ceramic laser engraving machine plays an important role in the current ceramic processing, providing efficient processing solutions for the current ceramic symbol processing. It adopts full digital laser marking and common laser mode selection and deep carving skills, with high stability, high accuracy and convenient operation, enabling more novel symbol processes to be realized and providing more possibilities for current ceramic process processing.

Because of the progress of modern knowledge of chemical raw materials, the development of glaze firing skills, and the manufacture and creation of machines after industrialization, ceramic art has gradually separated, and the space for ceramic art development has increased. Ceramic art is no longer simply confined to the combination of soil and glaze, but integrates more humanistic and spatial factors, making ceramics more meaningful.

The laser carving skills of the existing laser carving machines can satisfy the fine processing of some corresponding numbers, words, pictures and other information of many kinds of ceramics, making them highly artistic and fashionable.

For some trademarks, batch numbers, dates, or pictures and numbers with specific needs, the laser symbol equipment using the ceramic laser marking machine can achieve a very delicate symbol function, giving ceramic products a different fashion charm. At the same time, the symbol is durable, wear-resistant, colorfast, clear and textured, which not only does not affect the original quality of ceramic products, but also further improves the value of ceramic products, allowing customers to be more willing to bear.

Now, with the rapid development of laser technology, the use of laser in the field of ceramic technology is becoming more and more in-depth, such as the current metal laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine, which provide more possibilities for the current ceramic processing, making the current ceramic products more sophisticated.

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