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Working environment requirements of laser cutting machine
2022-12-01 09:30:45 technical college

As we all know, the product performance of the laser cutting machine is very good, but the premise is that the working environment must be up to standard in order to play an outstanding performance. Otherwise, once it is operated in a place that does not meet its working conditions, it will not only affect the working efficiency of the laser cutting machine, but also cause abnormal losses. So what should we pay attention to in terms of working environment requirements of laser cutting machine?

1. Humidity

The relative humidity of the working environment of the laser cutting machine is generally less than 70%. After the cutting machine interrupts power in the high-temperature and humid environment every day, water molecules in the air are easy to generate water dew on the circuit board of the power supply or driving equipment. When it works again, the water dew on the circuit board forms a short circuit, which leads to machine problems.

2. Temperature

Most laser cutting machines work in a constant temperature environment, because only under constant temperature can the normal operation and processing accuracy of the equipment be guaranteed. The working temperature of the semiconductor in the laser cutting machine is required to be below 45 ℃. When the room temperature reaches 35 ℃, the internal temperature of the electric cabinet can reach above 40 ℃. When the room temperature is too high, the failure rate of the NC system will increase. Therefore, in order to enable the laser cutting machine to work normally, the working temperature should not exceed 35 ℃.

3. Dust prevention

In the long-term cutting process, the laser cutting machine will produce dust. When the electrical cabinet is not closed properly, the dust will enter the electrical cabinet and accumulate on the circuit board or module over time, which will lead to damage to electrical components, especially high-voltage components. At the same time, if there is no dust removal equipment, the cutting dust will affect the health of the operators. Therefore, the machine is required to be equipped with dust removal equipment when it is working, so that it can be cleaned in time.

4. Voltage stabilization

The working voltage is required to be within ± 10% of the additional value, and the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, which will cause the laser cutting machine to give low voltage or high voltage alarm, or even fail to work normally. Therefore, the accessories of the laser cutting machine are basically equipped with voltage regulators to stabilize the voltage.

5. Ventilation

We mentioned the humidity and conductive dust in the working conditions, and ventilation is a very natural way to eliminate them. Effective ventilation conditions can ensure the normal operation of the laser cutting machine and the health of the operators.

Finally, before installing the laser cutting machine, we should first investigate the environment of the installation location, preferably the place that meets the above working conditions, so as to prevent some external adverse environmental factors from affecting the normal operation of the machine and ensure the efficient operation of the machine.

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