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Does the optical fiber laser cutting machine generate radiation when working
2022-12-01 09:30:00 technical college

With the popularization and application of optical fiber laser cutting machine in recent years, users are worried about the harm caused by optical fiber laser cutting machine when they recognize the laser cutting machine, especially whether it will produce radiation when it works?

As we all know, the main advantage of the optical fiber cutting machine is that its optical fiber laser uses diode as the light source, optical fiber as the transmission medium, and transmits the lossless light energy to the laser cutting head for cutting. Then the laser is a special light source, which will generate radiation. Its radiation has little impact on the human body. Its main harm is eyes, as well as burns. It is better for operators to wear laser protective glasses, To avoid unnecessary eye injuries.   

Now let's take a look at the international classification of lasers. The main classifications are: Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV. There are four levels in total. The higher the classification level, the greater the risk. The laser grade regulations must be marked on the laser system with Roman numerals. All regular laser products are generally labeled with classification labels. In addition to graphic and text warnings, the labels also contain the following information: wavelength, total output power, laser classification. We have seen laser grade descriptions on many laser equipment.

Now let's learn about Level IV laser:

1. Class I laser power: less than 0.5 milliwatt, safe laser. Class I laser will not cause harm to human health under normal use conditions, but it must be ensured that the design to prevent workers from entering the laser radiation area during the work process is adopted.   

2. Class II laser power: 1 milliwatt. This class of laser has small power and visible laser. Humans can protect themselves by blinking and reflecting strong light with their eyes, but if they look directly for too long, they will be dangerous. Warning signs need to be posted at the laser outlet for Class II laser.   

3. Third level laser power. The third level is divided into 3a and 3b

Class 3a laser power: 1-5 mW. Class 3a laser is the same as Class II laser. Warning signs need to be posted at the laser outlet. The human eye only sees for a short time, and the human eye will play a protective role in light protection and reflection. However, if the light spot enters the human eye when it is focused, it will cause damage to the human eye.   

Class 3b laser power: 5-500 mW, which may cause injury if you look directly or diffuse reflection. Class 3b lasers are generally labeled with the "Danger" sign. Although they are harmful to the eyes, if the light spot is not focused, there is a small risk of fire or skin burns. However, it is recommended to wear eye protection when using this level of laser.   

4. Level IV laser power: above 500mW, this level of laser will cause great damage to eyes and skin, and direct reflection and diffuse reflection will cause damage. All Class IV laser equipment must carry the "Danger" sign. Class IV laser can also damage the materials near the laser and ignite combustible substances. When using this class of laser, it is the same as Class 3b laser.

The laser of our optical fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the Class IV laser power, so the optical fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used to prevent the laser from burning the eyes during operation, which will not cause the risk of ionizing radiation. Therefore, it is better for operators to wear laser protective goggles when operating the machine.

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