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How much space will I need for a laser machine?
2021-09-17 10:59:42 technical college

Laser machines range drastically in size, from small desktop engraving machines to large gantry-style engraving machines. As far as space requirements for Redsail Lazer machines, the largest of our machines require at least an 11' by 8' space. If less space is available, our smaller line of machines can fit in an area as little as 8' by 5'. It is best if your laser engraving machine is in a space that shares a wall with the outdoors for convenient ventilation. Installing a 6" fan will push any fumes or smells from the top of the machine to the outdoors. The Lazer should also be near a standard 110V/220V power outlet so that extension cords aren't necessary, one less tripping hazard is always better. 

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